Design for all the leagues:
  • Ball & Jersey Design
  • Player Card & Certificate Design
  • Marketing Materials Design (Flyer, Poster, Sign, Social Media Post Design)
  • League Schedules Design (Haiti)
  • Soccer Team Logo Design (Haiti)
  • Trophy Plate Design (Haiti)
  • Logo Animation, Video Production (TapIn)
  • Email Marketing Design (TapIn, GDL)
  • Branding Identity (GDL, Greenfield)
  • Web Design (GDL, Greenfield)

  • Leagues in Haiti

Haiti Football Federation

TapIn Haiti Youth Football

  • Leagues in Africa

TapIn Uganda Youth Football League

TapIn Tanzania Youth Football League

TapIn Kenya Youth Football League

  • Leagues in North America

Grassroots Development League (GDL)

Prep School Summer League (PSSL)

Soccer League Parent company: Greenfield Leagues LLC (Greenfield)

Le National: Designer Zimeng Wang dedicated to Haitian and African football

Logo Animation

Player Card Design

Design for the Haiti Football Federation
  • Ball Design
  • Training Jersey Design

Soccer Jerseys/Ball/Trophy Plate Design
TapIn Haiti Youth Soccer League

Sportswear Design
  • For TapIn Partner Sports brand Palla
  • Shake Shake Football Club (US) Soccer jerseys

United Soccer Coaches Convention
Signs, social media, flyers, balls, jerseys design

Logo Design
Team logos, League logos

Social Design
  • Marketing related design
  • Static and video post design

Video Production

Web Design - 
Grassroots Development League
  • Website wireframe, prototype, final design
  • Cutismized illustration