Design Work for
MullenLowe US

Naked Juice

  • Social design across Instagtam, facebook, and twitter. 
  • Social profile cover art design.
  • Social tone and voice guidline design.
  • Promotional merchandise design. Poster design.
  • Provide art direction for product photoshoot in use for social.

  • Social idea pitch presentation design.

Angel’s Envy

  • Website assets design update, web design.
  • Occasionally organic and paid social design.
  • Email design.
  • Social idea pitch presentaion design.


  • Branding for the conference theme.
  • Conference swag design.

Mullenlowe Internal 

  • Social channel, post tiles, one sheet template redesign.


  • Billboard design.
  • Digital and print banners design and resizing.

Navy’s Federal Credit Union

  • Across media banners design and resizing.

Social design for Naked Juice, T.J.Maxx, Angel’s Envy

Naked juice

Promotional merchandise design
Hoody, tote bag and others

Car bumpers

Angel’s Envy 

Web design & Web assets update


MullenLowe US social